Rasna Is Looking To Expand Product Portfolio And Venture Into Kids Snack Space

Rasna, a brand best known for making fruit juice concentrate, is looking to capitalise on the opportunty in the snack space for children! Along with that, the brand is also looking to expand the overall product portfolio.

Piruz Khambatta, Chairman and MD of Rasna, told Economic Times, “There is a huge opportunity for Indian food product companies in the kids-back-from-school segment. We are trying to work on new products in the evening space. In our ads and our products, we are trying to take the evening snack proposition.”

Currently, the snack space is a large market for kids, providing food that is healthy and tasty for kids all over the country. Rasna, however, is focusing on the sweet snack category, giving them a wider space to work with. The brand is a market leading with 85% share in the drinking space that is growing at almost 20% annually.


“We have 9 plants across the country and we make 4 billion glasses each year. It is good enough for the next one year but we will be expanding it in fiscal year 2018-19. We will be having a greenfield plant but we have not decided on the location yet. We will be adding our capacity by 10-15 per cent,” Khambatta added.

The company is also looking to push premium products in the rural areas and Khambatta added by saying, “People in rural areas are moving to semi-premium products. We are pegging more premium products in the rural areas.”