Ranveer Singh Just Starred In A Short Film About ‘Desi Chinese’

Because, why not!

A few weeks back Ranveer Singh made an announcement via his social media handles that he would soon be collaborating with Rohit Shetty for a film. And, needless to say, the Internet lost it.

Just as we were getting done with all the guess work as to what, how and where this bomb of an announcement was about, we got a trailer. Just like that, Rohit Shetty dropped the trailer for his next project as if it was no big deal.

The trailer caught the eyeballs of a thousands, and what was in it made the Internet loose some more faecal matter. Incase you’ve missed it, allow us.

Yes, that “Red Indian” of sorts who made a head-turning entry in full Rohit Shetty style in some sort of ruined settlement is indeed Ranveer Singh. Or Ranveer Ching, as the makers suggest. Turns out all the hoopla was around Ching’s Chinese’s next ad commercial. The advert has a trailer!!! That’s like putting up a ‘coming soon’ notice for your upcoming Facebook post.

But ridicule, jokes and awes aside, the trailer did catch everyone’s eye. And just like that the company dropped the main advertisement this week. Again, NBD.raveerchingreturns

That’s right, Ching’s Chinese has an ad trailer and a 5 minute long short movie of an ad to follow it up. The ad, which has received a bunch of mixed reactions, features Ranveer Ching (you know what I mean) and Baahubali actress Tamannaah with Kabir Bedi booming in the background.

Although the storyline (yes, the commercial has one. Well, sort of.) and Singh’s goofy-yet-heroic act is pretty standard, I have to admit that the ad did get me craving for some fried rice and a re-run of Dil Dhadakne Do. Moreover, having seen Ching’s Chinese’s previous ad 2 years ago by Shaad Ali & YRF, it’s only fair to step up the game with their new commercial.

Yes, this one too has that annoyingly catchy ‘My name is Ranveer Ching’ jingle by Arijit Singh. Enjoy!