Ranveer Brar Will Explore “Gourmet On Wheels” In Food Truck Reality Show On Living Foodz

Food trucks, though an age-old concept, have only recently picked up pace in India. With numerous food truck festivals being held in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities and food trucks like Delhi’s The Lalit Food Truck, Mumbai-based FoGo Mumbai, Pune’s The Cheese Truck and many others popularizing the trend, food trucks will soon become common sight in all major cities. Picking up on the trend is Chef Ranveer Brar, who will soon be seen hosting a food truck reality show titled Femme Foodies.


About Femme Foodies

The show, which is going to be aired on Living Foodz starting May 22nd, will showcase Brar exploring the concept of “gourmet on wheels”. But that is not it. Femme Foodies will change the way food trucks and the food served on wheels are perceived with 10 female contestants competing with each other for the main award which will be a state-of-the-art food truck, said a statement.

Along with Brar, chef Anahita Dhondy and chef Shagun Mehra will also be seen on the show, which has been shot in a tropical Goan backdrop, to assess the contestants. The parameters for evaluation are going to be vision, technique and expression that their food will stage.

Ranveer Brar Will Explore “Gourmet On Wheels” In Food Truck Reality Show On Living FoodzImage: India.com

“I strongly believe that food trucks are here to stay and will definitely gain popularity going forward. They are versatile and can easily adapt to any cuisine, culture and destination. ‘Femme Foodies’ is set to redefine the food commonly popular with food trucks.

“It’s truly a first-of-its-kind show and the concept is extremely gripping, with challenging tasks, major twists and turns throughout the competition! All the contestants have showcased clear determination, dedication and passion,” Brar said in a statement.


Feature Image: PioneerChef