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Ranveer Brar & Hershey’s Are Here To Make Sure Kids Finish Their Food


Gone are the days when had to engage in a battle of words to make sure your child finished his/her food. Be it a simple home-cooked meal of greens, dal, and chapatti or lunch break tiffin, the younger ones – if not happy with what they see – manage to squeeze their way out of eating these. But things are about to change, courtesy Chef Ranveer Brar and candy manufacturing giant Hershey’s.


Hershey’s Meethe Bahane

Brar has teamed up with Hershey’s India to roll out an interesting cooking web series, where he will be making a bunch of recipes that are nothing more than regular ghar ka khana with an added twist that kids will love. Christened ‘Meethe Bahane’, the show will take head on the challenge of keeping children’s food fun yet healthy and nutritious at the same time.

The series, which will release a new episode every Friday, kicked off with its first recipe video with Brar on July 13, 208. The episode featured a fruity and a chocolaty take on homemade parathas while adding a dollop of healthy ingredients like millets, beetroot juice, and desi ghee to it and called the new and improved flatbread “Superhero Paratha”.

The web cooking series is part of Hershey’s India’s campaign to promote children’s health and also their range of syrups that come in chocolate, caramel, and strawberry flavours.

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