This Raipur Eatery Serves Food To Army Men At Discounted Rates


The men at the border, who risk their lives and sleep just to ensure that our lives and sleep are unhindered, deserve a special kind of recognition. And while we are all proud of them and what they do, we can hardly do anything but pray for their well-being and praise their brave heartedness.

Recently the Indo-Pak border saw massive bloodshed, which led to the Indian Army loosing 18 of its valuable soldiers. Social media was painted in sorrow and people went beyond praying and praising to show their appreciation for the Indian soldiers.

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But a restaurant in Chhattisgarh’s capital city Raipur is clearly way more overwhelmed and thankful than any of us, went ahead to tweak its rate card for Army Men and even their parents!

Raipur-based Neelkanth Restaurant’s pictures have been going viral for all the right reasons. The eatery, which is located at the railway station road in the city, is offering a 25 per cent discount to soldiers who walk in with identity cards; 50 per cent for the jawans wearing their uniforms and carrying an ID card; whereas, parents of soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation will not be charged a single penny.


Here’s the restaurant’s poster that has been doing the rounds on social media and the Internet:

my8xdfulImage: News18

Although the gesture is as heart-warming as it can get, Neelkanth Restaurant is not the first to roll out the offer. A number of other diners offer special discount to defense personnel. For instance, Gopal Hotel and Restaurant in Dharamshala, which also looks like the eatery that has inspired the aforementioned, has been offering similar discounts since July.


The men out there at the borders deserve much more than discounted rates, but as mere civilians these gestures are nothing short of powerful and encouraging.

Feature Images (L-R): Awesome India; ScoopWhoop