It’s Raining Tequila Over In Germany And We’re Seriously Impressed

Party peeps, if you’ve ever mocked your geeky science nerd friends it’s time you eat your words. Turns out, science is conducive to drinking (WHO KNEW!) and this tequila rain cloud is proof. No, I’m not being metaphorical, this cloud, literally, rains tequila.

This was all made possible thanks to Visit Mexico (absolute geniuses). As the official tourism promotion council and site for the country, they developed the cloud to be displayed as part of a specific campaign to get Germans to travel to Mexico.

Since it rains a lot in Germany, and they like to buy Mexican tequila (Who doesn’t?) this seemed like a perfect way to boost tourism. Germany is actually the second largest importer of tequila from Mexico (Go Germans!). The exhibit was set up during the rainiest month in Germany and allowed the rain-soaked Germans to warm up (so to speak) with a bit of tequila and happy thoughts of Mexican sunshine.

It’s Raining Tequila Over In Germany And We’re Seriously Impressed

The question on everyone’s mind is – how does it work? Well to answer that the cloud was constructed by using ultrasonic humidifiers to literally vibrate the tequila into mist before the spirit was condensed so that it could fall as raindrops. Every time it rained, the cloud was programmed to rain tequila as well.

Now for the bigger question. Does Visit Mexico plan on making this earth-shattering invention available to the general population? We certainly hope so! A party that advertises a cloud that rains tequila would be the best thing since Beer Pong was invented. But, for real, Visit Mexico, patent that tequila rain cloud and watch your sales of tequila skyrocket! A win for all!