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The Rainbow Virus Has Struck Again, This Time It’s Sushi


Just when you think the rainbow food trend is gone, it sushis its way into your world again.

We’ve gushed over rainbow bagels and rainbow coffee and rainbow grilled cheese and rainbow this, that and the other, now we’ve got rainbow sushi. Check #rainbowsushi on Instagram and you will be treated to beautiful images of rainbow sushi.

So, sushi purists, don’t even go any further than this sentence.

Some might say that the rainbow sushi looks like Lego or toys and others might not want to even eat the food because it looks like it might kill you. But it probably tastes just like regular sushi with some funky colouring added to it.

Like the other classic food that the rainbow trend has infected, it doesn’t care for the torture that it’s doing to the sushi. There are chefs all over the world already making Instagram-friendly sushi, but this is taking everything to a whole new level. And despite what you think, it’s just food colouring and nothing else.

Here we go!