Rainbow Doritos Exist & You Need Them In Your Life

Well, pride month was officially a month ago, but it’s never not a good time to celebrate the rainbow. And now, Doritos has come out (see what I did there) with rainbow Doritos that literally come in all the colours of the wind! Honestly, why would you be regular, when you can be extra?

We first caught wind of the Rainbow Doritos thanks to food blogger, Markie Devo who posted the munchies on his Instagram along with a taste profile (Whoo, you go Markie)!

This post saddens me just a bit, not only is the production of Doritos in Mexico off the freaking chain, the creative department is amazing(U.S step up the game please). This is Doritos “Rainbow” from Mexico, these have a sweet lemon and lime with what I believe to be grapefruit or some citrusy fruit(unbelievable). These are very unusual/flavorful, they give you a nice tangy/sour vibe.. I love them!! What Mexico brings to the table in the chip world is incredible!! If it were not for @mexicancandylady I would of never known about these wonderful masterpieces, thanx for coming to Instagram?? ???????.. I bought these from @mexicancandylady ?.. Hurry and get these if she has more?? #unavozmasbold #doritos #mexicandoritos #mexico #mexican #mexicansnacks #fml #yum #noms #mmm #iseesieats #candy #cake #potatochips #foodporn #foodgasm #nyeats #foodofny #brooklyn #oreo #oreos #picoftheday #foodnews #newfood #snacks #macros #cheatmeal #f52grams

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According to Markie’s post, the Doritos only seem to be available in Mexico currently and are a part of a campaign for Pride Month which used the hashtag #unavosmasbold which roughly translates to ‘a more bold voice’ or a louder voice (I tried my best, I don’t speak Spanish).

In fact, previously the Rainbow Doritos were available in the states in 2015, where you could get yourself a pack of the Rainbow Doritos by donating to the It Gets Better Project. We’re glad that Doritos are repping the LGBTQ+ community in Mexico and inspiring them to speak their truth!