Railways Are Going So Undercover To Ensure Your Food Is Clean

Passengers travelling by rail have had their fair share of issues in regard to the quality of food available on their travels. Last year a Comptroller and Auditor General audit report made the news after it declared that food served on trains were not ‘fit for human consumption.’

Plainclothes Agents To Monitor Proceedings

Even more recently, videos emerged of vendors using toilet water to make tea and coffee for passengers. In light of all these incidents, the Railways is thinking of going So Undercover’ (like the Miley Cyrus movie) by deploying plainclothes men, to monitor the food quality, staff behaviour, services served onboard the train and at the railway stations while acting as normal passengers.

Railways Are Going So Undercover To Ensure Your Food Is Clean

“They shall buy the food as a normal passenger and give feedback about the quality of the food, staff behaviour, amenities and rate the staff on their performance live to the ministry,” the official told IANS. The official also uncovered a set of parameters which the undercover agents will use to rate the amenities by interacting with passengers, staff members and other officials and submit a report based on their findings.

While this move does seem a bit like it’s right out of a Hollywood movie, as long as it ensures that we aren’t drinking toilet water coffee then we hope it works!