Rachael Ray Has The Most Refreshing Comeback For All Mistaken Haters

Lemonade. The one word that made the Internet go bonkers in a matter of few minutes. And if you have no idea of the hype is al about, that’s okay. Everybody has choices and opinions, even though some are just wrong. Kidding! Anywho, Queen B dropped the album as if its no big deal (obviously, it was!) and the Beyhive reacted as if they’d just been smoked!2016_FormationBeyonce_press_080216.article_x4


Got The Wrong Becky!

Not only was the visual album a treat for the fans but it also came with a lot of explosive baggage. A LOT. And I mean, Beyonce-downright-shaming-JayZ’s-love-interest-in-public explosive.

The music sensation referred to this woman that JayZ cheated with as “Becky with the good hair” and that was about enough to set forgotten rumors about JayZ and Rachel Roy ablaze.clubrr-button-800x450px


Chilled Out

Hilariously enough, Rachael Ray got caught amid all this crossfire. Do go through the celebrity cook’s Instagram page to find out more. No single account on Instagram has seen the onslaught of so many bee and lemon emojis at once. And though, Rachael does have pretty hair, she wasn’t the one that was supposed to be at the end of the Beyhive lash out.

But Ray, the ever so calm one, took even this in her stride and teamed up with chef Damaris Phillips to share a recipe for Lemonade Ice Cubes. Refreshing!


Could Ray BE more chilled (pun intended) about the whole situation?