Down the Rabbit Hole and Into the Breakfast Wonderland at The Hole in the Wall Cafe in Bangalore

Despite its humble name, this quaint little cafe if much more than just a Hole-in-the-wall. An apt name though, considering the garage-turned-cafe is almost missable and the only reason you’ll notice it is because of the line of hungry foodies just waiting to be seated. Yes, The Hole in the Wall Cafe caters to a never-ending stream of foodies and always seem to be busy. 

Once the initial wait for a seat is over you are taken into a cosy little space with deep red interiors, dark and chunky antique furniture which radiate warmth. The walls are covered with post-its, quirky wall-hangings — including a clock made out of a squashed whisky bottle — and remarkable paintings by local artists. 


The beginning of it all: 

Hole in the Wall cafe was started by Lynn and Nathan Lee Harris in 2010 and was the result of Lynn’s dream of owning a place that served delectable food at an affordable price. 

After years of listening to complaints of bad eateries, incompetent service, less than average food, unhygienic arrangement, Lynn finally decided to take matters into her own hands and thus, Hole In The Wall Cafe was born.

Why the name? “We were pretty clear that we wanted a small place with just 5 or 6 tables,” says Nathan. “And we knew people would call it a hole in the wall, so we thought we’d just call it that ourselves,” adds Lynn with a smile.


Lynn and Nathan take part in all the activities at THITW Cafe pottering around their kitchen partially hidden by a red brick counter, taking orders, or a break to read a bit of the morning paper. They even cook, clear up and socialize, always making sure their customers are satisfied and full living up to their designations on their business cards, which include ‘head and sous chefs, head of security, maintenance, gardening,.. basically everything!’

What we were served: 

With Hole in the Wall, you feel like you can have breakfast all day. Their menu boasts of a diverse range of breakfast options which they serve all day. Some of their intriguing continental breakfast options are The All English Breakfast, The Only One, and the Sunday Morning. We promptly ordered the Sunday Morning and the All English Breakfast which we feel is the standard bar that is set for all breakfast places.  The All English is a royal spread, with a fried egg, toast, sausages, bacon, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms and grilled tomatoes.The Sunday Morning is a brilliant concoction of baked eggs layered with mushrooms, tomatoes, coriander, and your choice of meat, oozing melted cheese.

In a moment of gluttony, we also ordered the waffles with nutella cream and club sandwich. We know, you are judging, but hey a girl’s got to do what she got to do, right?


The Waffles were warm and fluffy and nutella was the icing on the cake. The Club Sandwich was filling and tasty, just the kind of sandwich we like! 

We ended our meal with a hot chocolate which was blended to perfection and just what we needed. 

Head to this hole in the wall for a meal that is sure to delight your palate and give you warmth and comfort on those days where you could use some food therapy. 


What we had: 


The All English Breakfast 

The Sunday Morning 

The Club Sandwich 

Hot Chocolate