Quite the Catch- Teppan’s Live Seafood Market

What’s the catch?

Teppan has an exciting seafood market festival that has been the talk of the town for some time now. Japanese cuisine has really caught on with the Indian palate and our affair with seafood has only increased multifold since then. The festival goes on till the 28th of June.

The beauty about seafood is that you know exactly how fresh it is when you taste it. You can choose the fish you want to eat from their catch of the day. We chose Parai, a wonderfully big fish from the huge choice of fish in front of us. An adorably designed menu was presented to us to choose the preparation that we would like for the fish. Meanwhile, we also decided to order ourselves some delicious sounding Sushi. After all, when you say Japanese cuisine, sushi is the order of the day.

A wasabi avalanche was first served to us. In my past, I accidently ate a huge spoon of wasabi mistaking it for something else. Until recently I was still recovering from that incident. But when I tasted this drink it was anything but that. The merits of wasabi as a flavour dawned on me, then. Made with tender coconut water, this one was wonderfully refreshing.

Soup – Ebi Tamago Supu

We started off with a delicate soup made of Prawn and egg. The soup was flawless in its consistency. It tasted wonderful.

Starter – Tempura prawn

You can choose your own choice of seafood for this. We chose prawn and it was gorgeous. The plate was presented beautifully and the prawns were wonderfully light. The sauce complemented the tempura perfectly.

Sushi Yaki Ebi

Grilled prawns are spiced ever so lightly and rolled with sushi vinegared rice. The presentation again was impeccable. Lovely carved vegetables accompanied the dish.

Kani Sakana

There’s something about teriyaki grilled fish that makes my mouth water at simply the thought of it. Imagine my delight when I was told that this wonderful dish has just that! It is served with a delicious sauce that makes it a wholesome dish on its own.

Main Course – Parai- Cooked in Soy Vinegar


Soy vinegar has always been very appealing to me and it is one reason why I’m particularly fond of oriental cuisine. Excitedly I watched the chef take the beautifully filleted Parai and place it on the live grill. The sight, sounds and the smell of the fish being cooked is bound to capture your senses. Finely spiced, and served fresh on the plate, this preparation had already won my heart. Needless to say, I have run out of adjectives to describe the feeling that I had when I tasted it.

Cooked in Ginger honey sauce


This preparation will appeal to the palate that needs a little extra spice. The chef skilfully tossed the fish on the grill and added the sauces.
It was garnished with spring onions and tasted like a dream.

Egg Fried rice

To watch this being made, was thoroughly delightful. The chef made an delightful flower with the egg first after tossing around the egg ever so effortlessly without breaking it. Our hearts were in our mouths at several instances but the chef managed to make it with ease. As he then, mixed the sauces with the rice, he shaped it into a heart and made it beat for us. Our hearts were charmed by the experience and the fried rice was delectable.

Teppan is more than just Japanese food. It is an experience of the hospitality and warmth of the Japanese people.