Quick Tips To Help You Pair Your Poison Right

Are you all set for “NYE”? Dress, shoes and songs all picked out? But here’s what your evening will be missing the most – alcohol pairing. Did you realize how much better that bubbly would taste if gulped down with the right foods? No, well then here’s your guide to pairing your spirits right this New Year.


  1. Champagne

Pop the bubbly and guzzle it down with perfection.Champagne-Food-Pairings


  1. Whisky

Some good food on the rocks.c0e113731555a181518b345fba5d18e0


  1. Beer

Your beer needs a buddy too!Beer-Pairing-With-Food-Chart


  1. Wine

A tad bit of sophistication into the night.food-wine-pairing-chart


  1. Gin

Food pairing for the grown ups.9adb0d6545724fcc132afaea00b089b5