Quick Tips To Pack Your Kid A Healthy Tiffin

Vacations are over and the Monday blues are gearing up to hit us again with all their mighty force. What’s the one thing parents dread the most (apart from getting up early) in the morning? Coming up with a tiffin healthy and interesting enough to pack for their young one. And unless your kid is happy with the set weekly schedule (really?), you have the hardest time brainstorming for the perfect lunch. These tips and tricks might help pull you out of that early morning tiffin thinking puddle.


  1. Shape Shifting

For the younger ones you can use fancy cookie cutters to cut out different shapes of sandwiches, parathas and so on.heart1


  1. Replica Resolute

What’s better than a box of yummy instant noodles to kickback with during recess? But we all know how unhealthy that can be. So replace such foods with healthier supplements like vermicelli or pasta with some yummy homemade sauces.ricevermi


  1. Winter Has Come

Yep, just in case you didn’t notice. So let’s just take a moment and wonder how cold paratha and vegetables might taste. Not a good thought, is it? Pack up something cold or something that’d taste equally good when it goes from warm to cold like sandwiches, fruit salad or a macaroni salad.paneer-sandwich-recipe.640x480


  1. Fruit Kebab

If your child is up for fruits and veggies, jazz up the experience. Cut up the food in interesting shapes or cubes and line them up on a skewer like a kebab. If you’ve some time on your hand, add some fruity sauce by the side.DSC041421


  1. Un-Complicate

It’s vital that your off-spring feeds just their mouth and not the uniform. Prepare a lunch that isn’t messy like a gravy or curry and go for something dry and spill free like a roll, veg pulao or French toast.rsz_frenchtoast_dt


  1. Plan

Your definition of good and yummy might differ from your kid’s so make it a point to either take them in confidence when planning up the box or just make a list of things that won’t come back home as is.Featured image children to eat vegetables


  1. Funk It Up!

Food and fancy aside, it’s vital that the cutlery and other tiffin paraphernalia are interesting because believe it or not, most kids eat with their eyes and this includes top-notch presentation.bento-box-lunch-cat


With these points on your fingertips, you can now go to bed each night with a little less thinking on your mind!