Queen Of Thai Street Food Wins The Prestigious Michelin Star
December 7, 2017
Rima Tandon (234 articles)

Queen Of Thai Street Food Wins The Prestigious Michelin Star

Michelin Star is a hallmark of fine dining quality and restaurants around the world. Gordon Ramsay cried when the Michel Guide stripped the starts from his New York restaurant. Ramsay later said that losing the stars was like “losing girlfriend”.


To this day, Michelin relies entirely on its full-time staff of anonymous restaurant reviewers. They are characterized by their passion for food, a good eye for detail and have a great taste memory to compare various types of food.


A roadside restaurant in Bangkok, a city known for its street food, has earned the culinary world’s highest honour. The restaurant; Jay Fai, named after the 72-year-old proprietor who took over from her father, is located in old Bangkok and features an open-air kitchen known for churning out crab omelettes and curries.

Jay Fai is more expensive than your average roadside stall, with a typical speciality costing upwards of $20. While Michelin has a reputation for fine dining, it is not all white tablecloths and silver cutlery. In 2010, a Hong Kong dim sum hole-in-the-wall was awarded a star and the guide gave a star to a Singapore chicken rice hawker last year.


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Rima Tandon

Rima Tandon

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