Quattro Serves Molecular Gastronomy Straight From The Kitchens Of Italy And Mexico

Authenticity runs from the name to the food and everything in between at Quattro Ristorante, Nungambakkam. What started in Mumbai as a restaurant that serves consistently good food made from the most authentic ingredients is now here in Namma Chennai, in a quiet neighborhood that makes our dining experience a totally laid back affair. Just over two months old, the place is already packed with foodies who’re here for that authentic taste of Mexican and Italian cuisines.

A vegetarian restaurant that has Jain options and vegan options as well, Quattro promises five-star grade food without burning too big a hole in your pockets. The best part about the food here is the ingredients that are being imported from all around the world. From the cheese to the tomatoes to the chipotle chillies, everything here is made of original ingredients and using original cooking techniques. Their food also is gelatin-free, which of course, gets a thumbs up from us. A clean, classy decor adorned with pretty lights and super comfortable furniture puts us at ease and the folksy music keeps us company while we wait for our food.h

The Broccoli and Cheese Soup warms our hearts right from the first spoonful. The creamy yet light soup is any cheese-lover’s delight, with the cheese garnish adding texture to the soup. If you ever wondered how broccoli could turn into an indulgent dish, here’s how.

The famed Taquitos arrive next. Gluten-free corn tortilla cones with a filling of tomato salsa, jalapenos and beans and topped with a scoop of luscious avocado ice cream make for one delicious appetizer. The Taquitos come in shot glasses layered with Pico de Gallo which we sprinkle on top of the ice cream. A melange of flavors and textures is what this one is all about.

Their Bruschetta is a simple dish served with a molecular twist. Toasted baguette slices are topped with cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, balsamic pearls and parsley foam, with the pearls and foam making up the molecular components. While the mozzarella melts in the mouth, the balsamic pearls pop open to add a grapey sourness to the bruschetta.

The Caprese De Quattro, an obvious signature dish here is a salad that has mozzarella spheres that are served on a bed of pesto-flavored zucchini spaghetti and topped with balsamic pearls. One interesting dish with ample molecular components, this salad is flavorful and the mozzarella-pesto combination is just divine.

The sizzle of the Mexican Spiced Queso reaches our ears before the dish reaches our table. Mexican cottage cheese and spring vegetables are skewered in a spicy Chipotle chilli sauce and comes topped with chilli oil foam. An authentic Mexican starter, this dish is a hit with us and a must-have, especially if you love spicy food as much as us.

Our main course arrives, a loaded plate of Chimichangas Dos Quesos. A fried burrito stuffed with Mexican rice, American corn, two types of flavored cheese – spinach and nachos, with a side of guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Mexican rice and beans. The dish is super filling and tastes delicious. Ditch your forks and dig in with your hands to get the most of this classic Mexican dish with a twist.

The next dish was a gorgeous-looking Lasagne Fritta, a unique interpretation of the classic Italian dish. Lasagna sheets are fried and topped with Parmesan and get served with oodles of Marinara and Alfredo sauce. One of the most indulgent dishes you’ll find, Quattro’s take on fried lasagna is sure to woo your tastebuds.

For dessert, we had the Très Leches, a deconstructed version of a classic milk-based Mexican cake. Sponges soaked in coconut milk, coconut ice cream, milk foam and deconstructed milk solids make up this delectable dessert that ends our meal beautifully.

The beverage we had with our meal was a Spice Watermelon Cooler, a drink of watermelon juice spiced up with fresh jalapenos and served in an elegant cat glass. A drink for all seasons, this one!

Quattro is all about great food that transports one to the lands Mexico and Italy, with their authentic ingredients and innovative dishes keeping guests wanting for more. If you’re looking for a vegetarian meal unlike any other, give Quattro Ristorante a try. You won’t be disappointed.