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Push-Cart Food Causing Severe Effect on Public Health


Push-carts vendors around Secunderabad railway station are serving up a heightened risk to Public health. They serve foods like mutton biryani, chicken biryani, egg biryani, lemon rice, idli, dosa, tea and so on, which are lacked in quality. Reportedly, the foods are using adulterated ingredients and polluted water.

The vendors are not concerned about the hygiene or the public health as they prepare food near a canal that discharges water from the adjacent Sulabh complex. According to reports, the GHMC and the police officials are accused of collecting mamools and helping them to the sale of substandard foodstuff on the pushcarts. Many people suffered from health issues after eating the sub-standard food.Several reports have been lodged but no severe action has been taken against it. However, the civil supplies officials conduct raids and even levy fine but failed to solve the problem on a permanent basis. Local leaders and the police officers are accused of keeping mum.

Several commuters want a change. And the railway officials are urged to open the food court on the railway station here to provide quality food to the passengers.