Pune Students Who Fell Sick After Consuming Mess Food Have Recovered

48 students who had fallen sick on Tuesday after eating lunch at their campus mess at the Loni Kalbhor University, Pune have now been discharged reports Pune Mirror. The report further says that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has even collected samples of the food consumed along with those of the raw material and water used for making it. Along with this measure, the district health officials also visited the hospital where the students were admitter and their university.

Food Samples Collected By The FDA

The report by Pune Mirror further adds that the engineering students of Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training (MANET) and International School of Broadcasting and Journalism (ISBJ) were the ones who consumed the lunch that made them sick. They had a meal of chapatti, vegetable handi, peas dal, jeera rice and gulab jamun. The doctor treating the students and Sampat Deshmukh, assistant commissioner, FDA (food) have both suspected the gulab jamun to be the cause of the illness in students.

Pune Students Who Fell Sick After Consuming Mess Food Have Recovered

“We think that the gulab jamun might have been the culprit and have collected specimens of the instant mix, the refined sunflower oil and the sugar used to prepare the sweet. Samples of the only raw material available — tur dal — have also been taken. Water samples were also collected. The samples have been sent to laboratory for investigation,” Deshmukh told the Pune Mirror.

“Till Wednesday morning a total of 110 students were examined. None of them were serious. Forty-eight students were kept under observation. Forty of them were discharged on Wednesday morning while eight were discharged late in the evening. Treatment charges at the hospital have been waived for the students,” the officials from Vishwaraj Hospital (where the students were admitted) told Pune Mirror.