Pulse Candy’s Sweet Success Makes A Rs 300 Crore Profit

Indian brands post liberalisation have fought a long hard and battle to find a place of establishment in the current market scenario. After the rise and fall of brands like Kalimark , it’s heartening  to find another Indian brand brave its way through a hoard of MNC competitors .Pulse , the candy with a “Kaccha Aam” flavour ,reminiscent of the quintessential childhood summer launched by the DS group ,makers of Rajanigandha Paan Masala, Catch bottled water and spices and Pass Pass mouth freshener has proved its worth by making a huge mark in the hard candy market in India.

 This achievement has taken place in just two years since Pulse debuted in 2015 which is commendable in comparison to most Indian brands that have spent years to get to where they are now. This one Rupee hard candy has beat MNC brands such as Oreo and Mars bars with a sweet Rs 300 crore profit. The candy market is estimated at around Rs 6,600 crore and is growing at rate of 12 to 14%.nPulse finds its main competitors in Parle’s Mango Bite and Italian Perfetti’s Alpenliebe, both of which have been around for more than ten years, while several local brands also exist in the competition. 

“Pulse is a highly scalebale brand and it has resonated exceptionally well with consumers. The brand has huge potential,” Shashank Surana, senior VP of the DS Group. As per industry and retail officials, Pulse hit the sweet spot with the market because of its homely tangy taste of raw mango. “Local taste that can produce a blockbuster…home-grown taste always finds acceptance faster if launched in new forms,” said Devendra Chawla, chief executive of Future Consumer.