Pulao Biriyani Day Celebrations on 25th June

Enjoying a cult status among food lovers across the subcontinent and among the diaspora from the region, every community of India has its own special pulaos and biryanis and it calls for a reason to mark a day specially to celebrate its existence. A group of foodies recognizing this need has decided to celebrate these dishes by marking Sunday, 25thJune 2017 as the PulaoBiryaniDay.

Indian Food Days

Talking about it food connoisseur Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal who started it all by marking Indian food days to pay tribute to foods, dishes and ingredients all Indian, says, “Around the globe, there are special observance days celebrated, dedicated to food like World Macaron Day, World Nutella Day and more, however despite India being home to a rich culinary tradition, we had none. I decided to change all that by having the #AamAchaarDay, #PapadBadiDay and #MasalaDay earlier this year and the response we got was amazing. It encouraged us to have more days like the PulaoBiryaniDay and many more to come up next.” she tells Times of India.

Those who want to be a part of this have to do nothing but share there love of pulao or biryani with others. “We encourage people to cook and eat the family’s recipe for pulao or biryani or order in from your favourite biryani outlet and tweet about it using #PulaoBiryaniDay. Those who are in the food business can encourage customers to try their signature pulao or biruyani and then talk about it on social media. It’s a Sunday so you can also have a get together with family and friends over a potluck. Basically we want people all over the world to talk about what they are cooking, memories attached to it, share family recipes and use the hashtag #PulaoBiryaniDay to make Indian cuisine popular.” So, food lovers across India are gearing up to celebrate #PulaoBiryaniDay with blogger Monica Manchanda organizing a PulaoBiryaniDay potluck in Bangalore, home chef Sribala organizing a potluck in Chennai and chef Amit Pamnani organizing a celebration in Indore.

Featured image : archanas kitchen