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Protinex Highlights Indians’ Poor Muscle Strength & It’s Shocking


Being mindful of how much protein goes into your diet is not something that concerns only bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts. The nutrient is essential to a healthy body and its deficiency could result in weak muscles. To highlight the lack of proteins in most Indians’ diet, Protinex has launched a new campaign that talks about muscle health.


Protein Deficiency & Muscle Health

According to a statement issued by the company, a recent InBody study reveals that 71% of Indians have poor muscle health and 68% have low protein levels. A leading cause for this could be inadequate intake of protein. Protinex aims at spreading awareness about this finding and the role of protein in the everyday diet with its new TV campaign.

Moreover, it is often understood that our daily diets have sufficient protein, and some people believe that protein supplements are only for specific medical conditions. To compound the situation, not many people are aware of their daily protein requirement. Protinex’s campaign will focus on busting such myths and shining the spotlight on the importance of protein in maintaining better muscle health.

Commenting on the campaign, Himanshu Bakshi, Director- Marketing, Danone India, “We truly believe that muscle health is a big health agenda that Indians need to focus on. This is where our latest campaign comes in. With a mission to bring health through food, our TVC aims to make Indians more aware of their muscle health by maintaining their daily protein intake”

The TVC, which has been made by Circus Elephant Agency, was launched on 1st August 2018. The campaign will entail a 360-degree marketing strategy across mediums. A product of Danone India, Protinex signed on U-19 Indian cricketer Shubman Gill as the face of the brand earlier this year. Indian superstar Mahesh Babu is also part of the brand’s campaigns. Check out the latest video campaign below.

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