Prosecco Popsicles Are Here To Help You Deal With Summer

Summer is here and that means pool parties, barbeques and endless, bottomless brunches in the sun. To make the summer of 2017 that much better, a UK company, Pops has created Prosecco Popsicles.

Poppin’ Good

The popsicles contain 4% alcohol made with Bellini, Prosecco, rise wine and champagne. There are also cocktail flavors like Moscow Mule and vodka watermelon martini.

Don’t those look absolutely delicious?

Sadly, they’re only available in Britain for now. While you wait for them to make their way over here – and we could really, really use some booze popsicles – try making some at home. Jeer’s a recipe for a delicious sangria popsicle and one for a margarita popsicle.