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The Socialite Card is a loyalty and rewards club membership program that gives you access to exciting 50 percent OFF, Buy one get one free type deals at participating businesses.

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The City is Yours

The HungryForever Socialite Card is the food and beverage loyalty-program (membership club) that gives you amazing, unlimited half-price, buy one get one free deals at your favourite restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels. Purchase a Socialite Card for absolutely “free” with our limited time offer and we will provide you with a beautifully designed virtual card that you can carry through our HungryForever Food App which can be exhibited when you go out to eat and drink.

Here’s How to Get Your Free Virtual Socialite Card from Our App:

Step 1: Download our HungryForever Food App from the Play Store by Clicking here.



Step 2: Inside the app click in the pencil icon as show below for logging into the HungryForever App.



Step 3: Login to the HungryForever app with your Username and Password or Register with us if you do not have an account in HungryForever.



Step 4: After successfully logging inside slide the screen from left to right and press Socialite Card in the menu.



Step 5: In the Socialite card screen press the “Start Membership” button.



Step 6: Fill in the details like name, address etc. and press “proceed” button.



Step 7: Your virtual Socialite Card is now ready to use and will get displayed whenever you are logged-in to our app. It can be accessed pressing the Socialite card icon from the sliding menu. Happy using Socialite Card!


Just Eat (+Drink) It

You can also browse our Socialite Card Restaurants on HungryForever – we add new places every week 🙂

Your Money Back

PS – The average Socialite Card Holder saves more than 3x the price of the card within the first three months of usage

No ads? No Way.

PPS – Socialite Card Holders also get ad-free access to HungryForever.

To See all Our Partners Click Here

Go through the list of Partners, where you can show your Socialite Card. We add more every week.