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The Socialite Card is a loyalty and rewards club membership program that gives you access to exciting 50 percent OFF, Buy one get one free type deals at participating businesses.

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The City is Yours

The HungryForever Socialite Card is the food and beverage loyalty-program (membership club) that gives you amazing, unlimited half-price, buy one get one free deals at your favourite restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels. Purchase a Socialite Card for INR 1000 a year and we will snail mail you a beautifully designed card that you will actually want to carry when you go out to eat and drink.

Just Eat (+Drink) It

You can also browse our Socialite Card Restaurants on HungryForever – we add new places every week 🙂


Your Money Back

PS – The average Socialite Card Holder saves more than 3x the price of the card within the first three months of usage

No ads? No Way.

PPS – Socialite Card Holders also get ad-free access to HungryForever.

To See all Our Partners Click Here

Go through the list of Partners, where you can show your Socialite Card. We add more every week.

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