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Priyanka Chopra Loves Burgers & Is Officially The Queen Of Everything


Ladies and Gentlemen, Priyanka Chopra is officially the Queen of everything. The actor’s prowess over junk food was fairly proven when the she beat Jimmy Fallon at his own hot wings eating competition. And as if that wasn’t enough, the tear-inducingly perfect lady owned up to not working out until absolutely necessary. Dear PeeCee, are you even real?

tumblr_inline_n2idy6znh61qcy6j9Source: Buzzfeed

Well we don’t know about real, but the desi gal is totally relatable. In a recent shoot for Marie Claire, the actress revealed her source of all awesomeness. “Eating. I love chicken wings, pizza, burgers, and Thai food!”

Oh and she even ordered a gorgeous-looking burger while on set for the MC shoot! She pointed towards it saying, “This is what gives me confidence when I go in front of the camera or red carpet because I love Burgers. They just make me feel happy. When your tummy is full, then you perform better.””

Priyanka and her burgers go back a long way. Early this year the Exotic gal was being worshipped for downing an In-N-Out burger before she makes that head-turning appearance at award shows. “You never know when you’ll get food, right? These things last long,” she said with a raspy laugh that I didn’t hear but can totally imagine. #FANGIRLING

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Feature Image: Elle

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