Prisoner Suffering From Epilepsy Brings Roti Served In Jail To Court

A prisoner accused of a drug haul case brought the roti served in prison to the court in order to show the kind of quality of food the inmates were being served reports the Times of India. The prison is also suffering from epilepsy and hypertension due to which he has been advised to consume a high protein diet by his doctor.

Chapatti Brought To Court

“I found the chapattis were not of standard quality and definitely not adequate for a prisoner who is suffering from illness or (has been) advised medical diet,” the judge said after which he added that the prisoner should be allowed to have home cooked food for the period of six months according to the report by the Times of India. The prisoner in question is Sajid Electricwala who is above 40 years in age and is currently serving time in the Arthur Road Jail.

Prisoner Suffering From Epilepsy Brings Roti Served In Jail To Court

The report further adds that after the period of six months, the concession given to Electricwala will be reviewed after a report given by government doctors. Electricwala’s lawyer had given a submission to the court saying that his client’s health was suffering after eating the food served in jail and that he was allowed home food during the Ramzan period.

On the other hand, the prosecution opposed the plea and said that Electricwala was being given a balanced meal. “If such applications are allowed, it will send a wrong signal to other prisoners and they may also apply for similar concessions and it will become difficult for the jail authorities to handle the situation,” said the prosecution in court reports the Times of India. The court ruled that Electricwala should be given home food after it was examined by the jail authorities.