Pringles Is Testing Thanksgiving Food Flavoured Chips In The US

Pringles Is Testing Thanksgiving Food Flavoured Chips In The US

It’s Thanksgiving and Pringles has all the right flavours to help set up the table for the feast and if Kardarshian can set her own menu for the occasion, why can’t there be Turkey flavoured chips? Food Beast had recently tried the flavours sent to them and there are eight flavoured chips: turkey, mashed potato, stuffing, mac & cheese, creamed corn, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving Wafers

The publication mentioned that one pack comes with three of each flavour and that the product is only at a testing stage and won’t be coming to the stores in the US this year. Lay’s apparently has also tried to make some thanksgiving chips and asked its twitter fans which flavour they wanted: Green Bean Casserole or Stuffing.

Coming to the Pringles chips, the publication tried out the chips and declared that there are some actually good flavours like the Turkey, Creamed Corn and the stuffing. What they disliked were the pumpkin pie, mashed potato and the cranberry sauce. The publication found what they extremely hard too: Mac & Cheese and Green Bean Casserole.

Having said that, everyone has different tastes and when these chips come to the market you can get into your Thanksgiving pants and take the pick!