Pringles Has An Advent Calendar And You Won’t Believe How Popular It Is

Advent calendars are one of the best things about Christmas (other than the birth of Jesus, duh) and these days there are so many options. You can pick from wine calendars, cheese calendars, and now, you can get your hands on a Pringles advent calendar (which is perfect if you don’t have a sweet tooth).

According to Delish, the British bargain retailer B&M released advent calendars full of mini tubs of Pringles earlier this month, and they’re so popular they’re selling out in stores and being listed on eBay for more than three times their retail cost.

“We’re the only retailer on the high street to stock this product,” B&M told The Sun Online. “We knew it would be popular but we didn’t expect it to start selling out across the country this quickly – people can’t get their hands on them fast enough.”

If you’re in the UK, lucky for you, but if not why not just buy 12 packets of Pringles and countdown on your own? The bonus is that you can pick the flavours you like, and, of course, no mini cans for us!