This Pretty Ice Cream Trend Taking Over Instagram And We Want To Try It Too

There are very few people in the world who don’t like ice creams, the rest of us are constantly looking for ways in which we can really get the best kind of ice creams and find new things to try on a regular basis. For those that fall into the latter category, there’s a gorgeous new food trend that you want to get on board with. Granted, it might not be something you’ll want to disrupt, but better you than having it melt everywhere, right?

Meet the Rose Shaped Ice Cream.

There are lots of places around the world adopting this new style, but it’s the Instagram posts that are making people jealous and sending everyone into a tizzy! We don’t blame them, because look at these delicious pictures, we want one or two or maybe just all of them.

i-Creamy in Sydney, Australia is one of the places to serve the Rose Ice Creams and the manager, Pat, spoke with Mashable and said, “We are the first and the only gelateria that serves the flower-shaped gelato in … Australia at the moment.” According to Pat, they sculpt each flower petal-by-petal and each ice cream flower contains about 12 petals. And they have tons of different flavours too!

State-side, Cauldron Ice Cream in California is making their rose shaped ice cream out of ice cream as opposed to gelato and they serve them in the bubble waffle cones, bringing two food trends together. Some of their flavours include Earl Grey Lavender, Vietnamese Coffee, S’mores and Pineapple Express.


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