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Prepare your fish in a different way


Fish is another staple diet in countries like India. Especially people who live in the coastal region tend to eat more fish than the people living in rest of the parts of the country. But yes, coast region people are fonder of salt water fishes as that is what they find in the sea shores. On the other hand there are also sweet water fishes which are mainly found in rivers.

But most of fishes have omega 3 acids which is very beneficial for human bodies. Dieticians always recommend fish to any healthy diet because it is a good source of protein and every non vegetarian people should eat fish at least once a week. Here are some healthy and very tasty fish masala recipes which one can try at home.

Spiced Salmon with Mustard Sauce

This is a preparation where honey and mustard is added so that there is a twist in the gravy. One can also add pepper notes and ginger in this dish to taste it different. The salmon fish is generally tender and moist and so it can be caramelised easily. If you add vegetables to this dish it becomes really healthy. Go for fresh leafy vegetables and sauté then properly with lemon juice, garlic and pepper. Add some red onions and you are done with the dish.

 Sea Bass with Citrus Salsa

This is a perfect recipe for a fancy dinner. Sea bass is a very mildly flavoured fish and so many people can eat them without any hesitation. It also has a buttery quality in it. One can use a lot of sauce, green and red bell peppers and some chillies to make it taste differently.

Pan-Seared Tilapia with Sweet Pea Puree

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Tilapia on the other hand is a sweet water fish and not a salt sea fish. So it is very tasty and it has its own strong taste. One has to enhance it by adding more ingredients. One can cut the fish into equal pieces or cook them fully with mustard oil, mild spices and chillies to give it an Indian twist. On the other hand they can make puree out of green peas and cook the fish with that paste and some mild spices. Both the preparations taste equally delicious.

Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw

To make quick fish tacos, Tilapia can again come to your rescue. They can be an excellent filling for your tacos as they are flaky and fleshy at the same time. One has to cook them in medium heat with chilli powder, cilantro, tomato and a dash of lime. One can also add some black pepper to bring more taste in it.

Pan-Seared Salmon with Pineapple-Jalapeno Relish

Here one needs salmon fillets to cook this dish. One has to fry them till it becomes light brown in colour and then add chilli powder to it. One has to add some sauce and fresh sliced pineapples on top of it. You can also have some tortilla chips and dips along with this.

You can enjoy these easy fish recipes any time.

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