Prabhat Dairy To Step Into Animal Nutrition Business
January 9, 2019
Shruti Anand (1646 articles)

Prabhat Dairy To Step Into Animal Nutrition Business

Known for its milk and dairy products, Prabhat Dairy is soon going to be stepping into animal nutrition business. Through this new venture, the company will be supplying cattle feed, nutrition supplements & animal genetics. Amongst these, cattle feed is primary and essential for animal nutrition is already being supplied by Prabhat Dairy under the brand name ‘Annapurna’. This company also helps farmers choose the right quality of feed so that the milk quality can be improved.

Animal Nutrition Supplements

With already a base in the animal nutrition business, the company wants to expand further. For this it has signed an agreement with DLG which is based out of Denmark and are reputed world over for their quality and nutritious feeds. Under this partnership, two products have been developed in Denmark and will be coming to India soon for a pilot. One product is meant for milking cow and the other for dry cow. During the pilot, 1000 cows across 150 select farms would be given the products.

“The animal feed industry in India is anticipated to be worth USD 30 billion by 2020,” said Mr. Vivek Nirmal, JMD of Prabhat Dairy Ltd. “The segment primarily comprises cattle feed and poultry feed. With a view to incorporate global best practices, the cattle feed industry in India is transitioning into an organized makeover using modern processes and sophisticated methods. To tap this potential we are entering into Animal Nutrition business.”

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Shruti Anand

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