Prabhat Dairy Launches Prabhatsakhi Campaign For Empowering Women

Prabhat Dairy, an Indian dairy company has launched Prabhatsakhi, an initiative aimed at empowering women.

Starting At The Grassroots

Through Prabhatsakhi, Prabhat Dairy will be looking at improving women’s’ livelihoods by helping them be economically self-sufficient.


Women who are part of the program will be trained in various dairy programs including producing fodder, making sileage bags and running milk collection units.

Acting As Intermediaries

The women will then use these skills to act as intermediaries between the farmers and the company; farmers will approach the women who will process their product and supply it to the company. In doing this, the women will be able to earn a livelihood, while the farmers will be able to reduce payments to external intermediaries.
The program will be rolled out first in Ahmednagar including Rahuri, Kopragaon, Pathardi and Vaijapur.