Prabhat Dairy Collaborates With Vodafone To Allow Farmers To Instantly Receive Payments

Leading dairy processor and manufacturer Prabhat Dairy has collaborated with Vodafone to allow farmers to receive their payment digitally. Through the scheme, farmers will receive money directly from a Vodafone agent at milk collection centres.


Cash At Collection

“With our tie-up with Vodafone, the farmers don’t have to visit any bank or ATM for money withdrawal. The agent of Vodafone visits Prabhat collection centre on the day of payment disbursal and farmers get cash at the collection centre itself,” Prabhat Dairy Joint MD Vivek Nirmal said in  a press release.

“These farmers can also pay their utility bills through this service with the help of the payment centre,” Nirmal added.


The farmers will receive an SMS from Vodafone with the amount of money due to them. They then visit the collection centre, show the Vodafone agent the message and collect their cash.

The scheme will be rolled out in 34 villages in Ahmednagar in Maharashtra.

The company sources milk from 850,000 farmers who deliver 8 lakh mitres of milk daily to its 500 milk collection centres.