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Get This, There’s A PPAP Themed Cafe In Tokyo, And Here’s Everything You Need To Know


Remember the PPAP (“Pen Pineapple Apple Pen”) craze? Thank the universe that’s died down, right? But now, thanks to a pop-up cafe in Japan, the craze is here to stay for a little longer.

The PPAP restaurant, inspired by Japanese comedian Piko Taro’s “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” ditty opened for business in Tokyo, on November 1st. But luckily, like all fads, this too shall pass. Reports say this restaurant will run only for a limited period of time, wrapping up on 20th November. Methinks someone wasn’t ready to let the PPAP flame die just yet! 

The Brain Behind The PPAP Cafe

Piko Taro’s management company has teamed up with the Tree Village store area at the foot of Tokyo Skytree, for the grand opening of this official cafe. It also features all the flash trimmings you’d expect from anything associated with the leopard-print wearing star and his video. The front of the store features Piko Taro surrounded by the colours of a golden pineapple, while the store sign includes images of a pen pineapple and an apple pen. Upon entering the bright-coloured cafe, expect to find Piko-Taro’s face all over the place.


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The PPAP Menu

The menu features items branded with the PPAP logo, and are made with plenty of (surprise!) pineapple and apple in them. You can dine on a range of food, and sweet treats, including parfaits, pancakes, sodas, a burger, and fresh pineapple juice (served inside a whole fruit). Most of the items include a chocolate “pen” and slices of fruit so you can act out the song while eating.

Interestingly, the “PPAPan” Burger keeps the song’s acronym, but mixes up its meaning by having the letters stand for Pan (the Japanese word for “bread”) P/Bulgogi (Korean-style marinated beef), Avocado, and, once more for good measure, Pan.


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And if you really love everything PPAP, you can take-home a souvenir with your order, in the form of a coaster featuring the singing, dancing Piko Taro. Talk about an everlasting fad!