Potterheads You Need This Edible Harry Potter Merch In Your Lives

Accio Potterheads, because for the 20th anniversary of the American release of the Sorcerer’s Stone (that’s the Philosopher’s Stone to the rest of the world), the Jelly Belly Candy Company is launching some exciting new treats that will hit stores on October 1st!

Some of the edible merch that you can expect are chocolate wands, house crests, and delicious gummy creatures! You can swirl around Hermione’s, Harry’s, Ron’s, and Dumbledore’s wands, all chocolate, of course, which come with a sheet of spells to cast before you fulfill your chocolate cravings.

The chocolate creatures you can munch on (if you have the heart) include Aragog, Crookshanks, Fang, Fluffy, Hedwig, and Thestrals. Each box comes with one of six exclusive collectible stickers. The gummy creatures include Fang, Fluffy, Buckbeak (newly christened Witherwings), Hedwig, Aragog and are available in Cherry/Lime, Cherry/Blueberry, Blueberry/Lime, and Lime/Orange.

However, if you can’t wait until October 1st, you can still order Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, Jelly Slugs, and Chocolate Frogs from Jelly Belly right now! We reckon we’ll do like Harry did on the Hogwarts Express and order a ton of everything!