Potter-Heads In Islamabad Have A New Address, Hogwarts Café

Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, just went on to pride itself with a fancy new restaurant unlike any other the country has seen. The place, which has been named ‘Hogwarts Café’, is a full on Harry Potter themed eatery complete with an impeccably curated menu and top-notch décor and ambience.13814055_1067893686657735_7203516399614611715_n

Located in the city’s Police Foundation area, the place boasts of an amazing menu fit for Potter head. Diners can pick from drinks and grubs like The Hungarian Horntail, Dragonfire Burger, The Half Blood Steak, Mandrake’s Tears, Wolfsbane, and, of course, Butterbeer.HC menu13920954_1067197163394054_5842696842300188575_n

“We have always wanted to visit a place where we can enjoy good food as well as where our kids can indulge in the world of Harry Potter. A nice place for the muggles, where they could work on their laptops, maybe read a book and have a mug of chilled Butterbeer at the same time,” Hassan and Haider, the two brothers that run the cafe told BuzzFeed.

“Buttebeer is our original recipe, and the Goblet of Fire (A Green Apple Lemonade) is also pretty loved. The Dragonfire Burger, the Hungarian Horntail Steak and our dishes from Cho Chang’s Kitchen are also really amazing”, they added.13659057_1042789919168112_4588717496263335228_n

Staying true to the wizardly theme, the furniture and interiors too are spot on with hanging candles, rustic brick walls, and each table adorned with a unique symbol and tiny figurines of Rowling’s characters.13620763_1055363644577406_5651553788719543078_n

The walls are painted in mystical words and speckled with wood-framed pictures (which unfortunately do not speak), iconic Harry Potter items like the Nimbus 200, the sorting hat and iconic newspaper clippings.13886226_1063345580445879_3755451191424719217_n

Potter Heads in the making can drown themselves in some of the cool literary matter from Rowling. And you can take some of the magic home with gorgeous Harry Potter memorabilia like quoted coffee mugs, the Time Turner locket, snitches, magic wands and more!13770518_1055189551261482_5643474090837103252_n 13886834_1063958067051297_5185674966094543079_n


Indian restaurateurs, are we listening?


Images: (Facebook, Hogwarts Café)