There Is A Position Open For “Head Of Avo Control” At This Cafe

Avocados have certainly had their moment in the limelight this year. From avolattes actually being a thing, to avocado art taking over our Instagram feeds, there’s just no way to avoid them. However, for one lucky avocado lover, this could be their lucky day as Good Fat is hiring a taste tester for a position titled “Head of Avo Control.”

Here’s The Deal

Your responsibilities involve sampling all of Good Fats 20 menu items before it opens for business on November 2 as well as being an “avocado ‘avocate'” on social media.

According to the job listing, the ideal candidate has “a minimum two years experience in smashing avocados on toast or similar” and “proven knowledge of how to check avocado ripeness by gently pressing the sweet spot and a healthy history of successful avocado selection.”

There Is A Position Open For "Head Of Avo Control" At This Cafe

However, there is one little catch, you won’t actually get paid in dollar bills, instead, you’ll be paid in the form free meals for the duration of the month-long temp job. Oh, and the job is in Sydney, so you’ll have to fork over money to get there as well.

If this still sounds like a dream job, and if sampling Chef Liam Crawley’s signature dessert (an avocado cornetto: avocado ice cream in a waffle cone topped with spiced pumpkin cream, hazelnut praline, shaved dark chocolate and a salted caramel drizzle) is worth it, then the land down under awaits!