Popular Doner Kebabs Might Be Banned In Europe

According to reports by the Press Trust of India, the popular street food sandwich in the European cities called the doner kebab is about to be banned. It is considered a gastronomic equivalent of the American hamburger amongst many cities of Europe says the report.

Why Is It Being Banned

The European Union’s legislature is actually trying to ban the phosphates used in processed meats which is required for the popular street food. The kebab vendors are strongly protesting against this move and the owners of takeout restaurants have come out to say that additives are required so that the meat remains juicy.

While the European lawmakers are wanting to ban the phosphates owing to health concerns which are based on the various studies that show that these are linked to cardiovascular disease. Another news is that of sausages containing the same phosphates are being sold in the European markets and that banning the doner kebab sandwich won’t lead to much difference. According to the news report, some even say that the whole doner issue came up just to hurt Turkish-owned businesses.

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