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Popular Coffee Chain Papparoti Opens Its First Café In India


The popular coffee chain Papparoti has opened its first café in India in the city of Mumbai. According to the reports by the Economic Times, the chain has outlets in more than 32 countries like Malaysia, Australia and Dubai and they have opened shop in the country thanks to the evening ‘tea and bun’ culture.

Bun, Tea And Papparoti

“We see huge potential for the brand to be successful in India primarily because it identifies with our culture of bun and chai. Also we would see a lot of Indians at Papparoti cafe in Dubai and thought why not give them the taste of Papparoti in their city,” Nitin Jethwani, co-founder of the brand in cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune Chennai and Bengaluru along with Kunal Jethwani, told IANS.

“Indian is the second highest consumer market globally and if one connects with a brand there seems to be no limit. Indian F&B has evolved drastically in the past few years. We see so many international QSRs who have been well received in India,” he added. The coffee chain in popular for their coffee, buns and other beverages.

The coffee chain, Papparoti had first launched in 2003 in Malaysia and now has a global presence with cafes in Malaysia, Dubai, Indonesia, UK, Australia, China, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Bangladesh. In India, they also plan to open more café outlets soon in different city. “In the next quarter we plan to target cities like Chennai (scheduled to open in late January 2018 and Bengaluru. We are also in talks with airports of various cities for our brand,” Jethwani said. The co-partner of these outlets will be Suraj Bahirwani.

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