A Popular Chennai Restaurant Is Now Serving a ‘White Dosa’ In Honour Of Donald Trump

Folks in Chennai, if you head on over to Suprabaa on Valluvar Salai in Ramapuram, you can order a hot Donald Trump dosa. Restaurant owner and Trump fan, C.P Mukund Das is most excited about Trump’s victory that he has introduced what he calls a ‘White Dosa’ to honour him.

This dosa costs only Rs. 50 and is so popular at the restaurant, one might be pleasantly confused by what makes it so special. In conversation with The Hindu, Mr. Das explained why he decided to introduce this new dish to the menu, “I’m a huge fan of Trump, especially his speeches and facial expressions, and have always wanted him to win the U.S. elections. I decided that if he won, I’d come up with a tribute to him in my restaurant.”

What is special about this dosa?

Like any dosa served at the restaurant, it is served on a traditional banana leaf with four types of chutney and sambar, as well as a cup of butter. And according to The Hindu, there’s more to learn about this dosa – the white dosa has a generous coating of Thousand Island Dressing on the inside along with chilli flakes. In order to keep it white, the dosa isn’t roasted to crisp, which makes sense if you think about it.

Credit: The Hindu

Credit: The Hindu

According to marketing manager Vippin Purushothaman, they’re selling about 130 Trump dosas everyday. He also added, “Since we announced it with a banner outside our restaurant, many curious onlookers come in, specifically for the Trump special.” The restaurant has a large banner right outside that draws the customers in and gets them all excited about the newest addition to the menu.

Despite people not approving of this new dosa, Mukund Das isn’t going to change his mind. In fact, he’s going to keep this running for a few days. So before it vanishes off the menu, make sure you go try it out!


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