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This Popcorn Day Explore WOW Popcorn In Mumbai


The crunch of the popcorn delights the most and the wafting aroma of freshly popped corn kernels is unbeatable. Face it, you’re craving them already! But hey, you don’t need to head to the movie theatre to binge on popcorn or even make them yourself especially when you get an array of flavours within the city.

Exploring WOW Popcorn

Aptly names, the popcorn made by WOW Popcorn do have an unbeatable WOW factor and the best part we like about them is that your munchies stay fresh for days even weeks together. The crazy variety available is the second part that we love, it just leaves you spoilt for choice. They’ve got Chocolate Popcorn, Classic Sour Cream & Onion, Wasabi and even Mumbai Tadka!

Yes, they do have the classics too like salted, caramel and classic and WOW Popcorn has even come up with a gift pack too and here’s the one thing you’ll like *drumrolls* they deliver too! With nine whole flavours to pick from, you must explore this hidden gem in Mumbai and what better than Popcorn Day to do so. Head down there today!

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