Find Out More About This Exciting Dining Adventure Expedition In The Himalayas

Imagine this. Devouring a piping hot meal prepared by a renowned chef in the majestic surroundings of the mighty Himalayas. Wouldn’t that be a fine dining experience?

One of the most exclusive restaurants in the world has brought forth a chef who will take his culinary skills to the highest place in the world – well, just below it. James Sharman, a former chef at Noma is set to lauch a pop-up restaurant, at the Everest Base Camp, next month, making it the highest restaurant in the world. This is happening as a part of a larger dinner series that will span a total of 20 countries.   


The ‘One Star House Party Series’ is something Sharman plans to execute over a course of two years. The 25-year old chef is determind to create each menu based on experience. To do this he spends three weeks investigating, planning and building the pop-up, followed by a week of serving food to customers. The Everest expedition is the fourth installment following pop-ups in Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, and Bangkok. 

A Culinary Adventure In Nepal

This 14-day adventure dinner in Nepal includes food,beverages, a casual hike to the Everest Base Camp, construction of the pop-up and then digging into the food that Sharman will prepare. The trip, scheduled between December 10th and 23rd, will cost $1,050 – which includes a hotel in Kathmandu to begin and end the trip, boarding in guest houses during the trek to the base came, porters, guides, gear and more. What it does not include are the flights to and back from Nepal.

If this is something that appeals to the adventure junkie and foodie in you, reservations are open till the 29th of November. Being a high altitude area, it is suggested that participants of this adventure dining expedition get some altitude training beforehand.