Pondicherry’s Favourite Pizza Place Is Finally Here In Chennai
December 4, 2017
Rima Tandon (234 articles)

Pondicherry’s Favourite Pizza Place Is Finally Here In Chennai

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have been familiar with Xtasi and their famous wood-fired and ‘two feet pizzas’.

The menu speaks of one thing and one thing alone, Pizza and more pizza. They have nearly 30 pizzas sitting there in three different sizes. They’ve also got pasta and drinks and the occasional day’s special- Pork Chops.


Now you know that it’s only available in Pondicherry too. That means travelling for hours to the quaint little place to have a bite of their delicious pizza. Not anymore, folks!


Pondicherry’s famous restaurant is coming to Chennai today to TTK Road, Alwarpet! Instead of going all the way to Pondy, you can get the craziest pizza right here in Chennai! Manav Achal, founder, Cafe Xtasi, says  “We have been trying to open an outlet in Chennai for a long time. A lot of our clients are from Chennai. In fact, we are one of the few restaurants to which people drive all the way from here to Pondy just to eat!”

Now you know where to get the huge pizza to satisfy your insatiable appetite.




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Rima Tandon

Rima Tandon

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