August 21, 2017

#PollRoundUp: Here’s All You Voted For Last Week!

The week gone by saw some fun food and beverage-related opinion polls that had a slight inclination towards the world of junk. The polls featured a bunch of choices including . Meanwhile there now exists a fiery Firecracker Burrito to set your palate ablaze, courtesy Taco Bell and also, Domino’s India just made all your pizza dreams come true with a saucier, cheesier, and less crusty pizza! So, how did your choices fare? Find out in last week’s poll round up. Here’s what the poll results look like!


#1 Which Fast Food Chain Does The Best Burgers?


#2 What’s Your Iced Tea Flavour?


#3 Have You Noticed A Difference In Dominos’ Pizza Recently?


#4 Taco Bell’s Latest Burrito Is An Edible Firecracker!

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