#PollRoundUp: Here’s All That You Voted For Last Week!

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of polls and ‘Good or Bads’. From the best iced tea flavour, your preferred wine pairing, and your most relished chutney served with momos to the way the you like your steak done, there sure was a lot to pick from. So, how did your choices fare? Find out in last week’s poll round up. Here’s what the poll results look like!


#1 Pick Your Preferred Wine Pairing


#2 What’s Your Iced Tea Flavour?


#3 Red Chutney or Mayo, Which One’s Your Momo Mate?


#4 How Do You Like Your Steak: Rear, Medium or Well Done?


#5 14 Recipes To Binge On This Super Bowl Season: Vote For Your Favourite!