June 11, 2018

#PollRoundUp: Here’s All That You Voted For Last Week

The week gone by saw an interesting potpourri of opinion polls ranging from pasta sauce and fruit jams to waffles and pancakes. From picking the kind of sauce that completes your pasta to voting for the fruit jam that you have to have at the breakfast table, the polls were full of choices. And y’all sure did have a lot of options to choose from and here’s all that you voted for. Take a look at what last week’s poll results look like.

#1 What Kind Of Loaf Bread Do You Like The Most?


#2 Waffles Or Pancakes? Take Your Pick


#3 Which Subway Bread Completes Your Sandwich?


#4 What Kind Of Fruit Jam Is Your All-Time Favourite?


#5 Which Pasta Sauce Gets You Drooling?

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