#PollRoundUp: Here’s All That You Voted For Last Week

The week gone by saw an interesting potpourri of opinion polls ranging from ice cream and cookie to fruits and fast food. From picking the off-beat (read, spicy, savoury, and/or sour) ice cream flavour that you would binge on to voting for the burger chain that stacks up the perfect meat and bun according to you, the polls were full of choices. And y’all sure did have a lot of options to choose from and here’s all that you voted for. Take a look at what last week’s poll results look like.

#1 Which Of These Is Your Favourite Tea Time Biscuit?


#2 Pick Your Preferred Wine Pairing


#3 Which Fast Food Chain Does The Best Burgers?


#4 Which Of These Ice Cream Flavours Would You Dare To Try?


#5 Which Of These Diet Fads Have You Fallen For?


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