Play Drinking Games This Christmas With This “Christmas Story” Shot Glass

The Christmas Story is a timeless tale that gets watched over and over again during the Christmas season. There are quite a few iconic things about the film, but nothing is more memorable than Ralphie’s dad’s leg lamp. Now, you can amp up your Christmas drinking games with a leg lamp shot glass!

If you’ve ever looked at the boots full of beer and thought you’d like to drink outta that, then this leg lamp shot glass might be right up your alley. Spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond for just $5.99 a pop, we’re sure that shots are way more fun when they’re drunk out of a cutely shaped shot glass!

Unfortunately, the shot glasses aren’t available on Bed Bath & Beyond’s website, but have no fear because Amazon is shipping albeit at twice the price (of course they are), and you can order some for your mates (or, who are you kidding, yourself) here! Because, nothing says Christmas quite like a leg lamp shot glass!