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A Platinum Cocktail Now Exists And We’re Mesmerised


Growing up in an Indian household eating a bit of silver on your meetha didn’t seem so wildly exciting or different at all. We may even use that dreaded word ‘mainstream’ to describe eating precious metals. However, for the people of New York, this mainstream development has quickly become mind-blowing and revolutionary with the addition of platinum to – wait for it – margaritas!

This limited-edition cocktail is available at Delilah in New York. But at $100 a pop it certainly doesn’t come cheap! There’s a good reason for that hefty price tag though. The Liquid Platinum Margarita was designed to be the best a woman (or man) can get! Spoiler: platinum isn’t the only pricey ingredient in there.

The base alcohol is Gran Patron Platinum Tequila which sells at $200 a bottle, mixed with Dolin, rose water, agave syrup, and lime juice. Then it’s mixed with edible platinum color and a pinch of xantham gum which gives it a posh futuristic feel. To top it all off, it’s served in a coupe glass garnished with an edible silver orchid. Basically, an ordinary edible orchid painted silver with edible silver paint (rich people I tell you).

The Liquid Platinum Margarita is the brainchild of bartender (or does he prefer mixologist?) Rael Petit and will be available at Delilah until the end of April. A cocktail for $100 is pretty steep, but then again, you can’t really put a price on drinking a glass of liquid metal.

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