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Plating up a Storm with Junk Food


Good plating can take a dish to a whole new level of class. No matter how tasty, five star restaurants will never send their meals out without making sure that they are immaculately plated. In a form of visual food satire, Instagram user Chef Jacques La Merde is plating up a storm of delicious looking dishes using components like…Cheese Balls, Mentos and Coco Pops.


The Chef appears to be poking fun at the high end food industry; his Instagram ‘about me’ reads “Small portions|Tweezered everything”, mocking the portions of food that many fine dining restaurants serve. Meanwhile, the decriptions of the foods in his photographs include “Raw cake batter romance W/ charred rice crispies” and “Rasberry poptart parafait.” And, if that isn’t enough to alert you to this man’s tendency towards satire, translate what ‘Jacques La Merde’ means on Google Translate. No, we won’t mention it here.


However, when you get past the humor and shock, the dishes the Chef plates look surprisingly appealing. While the combination of some of the elements (graham cracker cream and chocolate cake) may taste pretty dubious combined, the chef has helped junk food become just a little fancier. Who said Mentos and Doritos can’t be classy?