Pizza Metro Pizza Has Been Rebranded To Gustoso; Here’s An Exclusive Interview With Its Consulting Chef Giulio Adriani

After it took Mumbai’s food scene by a storm with its metre long, gourmet pizzas, Pizza Metro Pizza has been rebranded to Gustoso by its parent company Indianapoli Hospitality.


Located in Kemp’s Corner and Khar, Gustoso will offer its customers exquisite Neapolitan fare like antipasti, pastas, risotto and pizza.

The Pizza Maestro On Board

To give patrons a wholly authentic Neapolitan pizza experience, Indianapoli Hospitality has appointed Chef Giulio Adriani as a consulting chef to conceptualise Gustoso’s menu.

Chef Giulio has 30 years of cooking experience – he’s well known for his signature pizza, the Montanara where the pizza dough is flash fried, has toppings added and then baked in a wood burning oven. In 2014, Chef Giulio became the first pizza maker to open an authentic Neapolitan Kosher Pizzeria, while in 2014 he opened Neapolitan Express, a food truck company.

In the kitchen, Chef Giulio places a heavy focus on the perfect crust and insists that mozzarella be handmade at each of his restaurants.

What Does Chef Giulio Have In Store?

A brief look at his profile creates some mouth-watering expectations for Gustoso, for which he ha handpicked all the ingredients. We caught up with Chef Giulio to learn more about Neapolitan cuisine and what he will (literally) be bringing to your table at Gustoso.

What are the most important elements of Neapolitan cuisine?

Neapolitan Cuisine is based on using the freshest produce, from the land and the seas. Its about using traditional recipes and the choicest of ingredients to dish out simple yet delicious food. The key elements would of course be the ingredients used. A variety of cheese is used in Neapolitan cooking to add to the flavour. The cuisine of Naples has a variety of dishes, sufficient for any food lover. There’s something for every taste; seafood, slow-cooked, fried, and of course – pizzas for the pizza lover.

Fish is also very prominent, due to the proximity of the ocean.

When designing the menu for Gustoso, how important was the use of local ingredients?

The use of local ingredients is always very important. Neapolitan cooking is very focused on using the best ingredients and creating magical flavours with their different combination. India has a large produce of vegetables, which are used in Italian cooking too. However, we do import a few ingredients, like the San Marzano tomatoes, truffle oil and the meat, which helped us stay true to the offering.

What were some of the challenges in designing the menu for Gustoso?

The challenges are the same of designing a menu when I travel overseas – availability of quality ingredients and years of misunderstanding that has shrouded the Italian cuisine. It is very common overseas to find people who have got used to a modified Italian version of the original food. In designing the menu for Gustoso, I decided to retain the authenticity and tradition of the original cuisine. No doubt it was a challenge as we wanted to appeal to the local guests but also stay true to the cuisine and give the locals a taste of ‘real Naples’.

When it comes to pizza, you’re known for focusing on “the perfect crust”. What makes up the perfect crust?

Love, passion, obsession and detailing is needed to get the perfect crust, and ofcourse, good quality flour.

What kinds of flavours do you believe the Indian palate craves the most?

Indians prefer spicy food as compared to Italians. Garlic and chilli flakes are the most expected flavours in restaurants specially on the pizza around here. Italian cooking does not go overboard with the use of garlic and onions, etc. Dishes with cheese in it are also quite a hit.

You’ve commented that “To me, Mumbai feels very much like Naples.” In what way is Mumbai similar to the Naples?

Naples, just like Mumbai is very different from the rest of Italy. Both cities have many things in common – the traffic, chaos, honking of vehicles and the traditional ‘street smart’ that make both cities such magical places.

What kind of dining experience can customers expect from Gustoso?

We have tried to give our guests a taste of authentic Neapolitan cuisine. They will enjoy the best pizza in town but they, definitely can expect more than just pizzas here at Gustoso. There is a whole range of antipasti, entrees, pastas, etc to choose from. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, you will definitely find something you like. And yes, excellent Italians wines. In short, we bring Naples to your table.

Name three must try dishes at Gustoso.

Pizza Margherita, Linguine Limone and truffle, kale and quinoa salad.

And there you have it folks; three more delicious sounding reasons to make a reservation at Gustoso this weekend.